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Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit

San Jose Lawyers: Supplemental Job Displacement

If a workplace injury prevents you from returning to your previous work, you may be eligible to receive supplemental job displacement benefits from your California workers' compensation insurance coverage. This benefit is a voucher that can be used to help pay for educational retraining or skill enhancement at state-approved schools. The vouchers can be used for tuition, fees, books, and other educational expenses. Up to 10 percent of the voucher amount can be used to pay for the services of a return to work counselor.

You must accept this benefit in writing by a certain deadline, depending on your circumstances, or you will lose the option.

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Supplemental job displacement benefits are available to workers with some degree of job-related permanent disability whose injury occurred in 2004 or later. The amount of the benefit depends on the disability rating your doctor assigns. For example, if you have a permanent disability rating of less than 15 percent you may receive a supplemental job displacement benefit of up to $4,000. If your permanent disability rating is between 50 and 99 percent, the supplemental job displacement benefit can be as much as $10,000. A judge makes the final determination.

Shaping California Workers' Comp Law

At the Boccardo Law Firm in San Jose, California, our workers' compensation attorneys work to maximize the amount of job displacement benefits you ultimately receive. In fact, we are helping to shape California workers' compensation law through our appellate practice. We have cases on appeal objecting to the caps on permanent disability benefits.

The New System of the Old System

The date of your injury determines whether you will be compensated under the new or the old workers' compensation regulations. If your date of injury was 2003 or earlier, you are eligible to receive a vocational rehabilitation maintenance allowance of $126 to $246 per week. These benefits will be discontinued in 2008.

To learn more, contact a workers' compensation attorney at the Boccardo Law Firm today. We offer a free consultation to review your case and discuss your rights.

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