Bicycle Accidents

Your Legal Rights if You or a Loved One is Injured in a Bicycle Accident

If you or a loved one is recovering from a Bicycle Accident, the experienced bicycle accident attorneys at The Boccardo Law Firm can help you.  We are ready to protect your legal rights.  We hold responsible parties accountable for the harm they have caused you and your family.

Just because you have legal rights, does not mean that the opposing party’s insurance firm will settle your case, quickly or easily.  Bicycle accidents often result in major injuries to the bicyclist.  However, insurance companies try to reduce their responsibility and compensation they must pay by blaming the cyclist.

Damages Covered in a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accidents can be minor and result in bumps and bruises.  However, major bicycle accidents can cause broken bones, brain injury, or even a wrongful death If you or a family member have been harmed in a bicycle accident, you are entitled to compensation.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages (Including a loss of earnings if you can no longer function as before the accident.)
  • Pain & Suffering

You owe it to yourself of your loved ones to seek out the best legal help for your Bicycle Accident.  With more than 80 years of fighting for the rights of injury accident victims, The Boccardo Law Firm will stand with you to take on stubborn insurance carriers.

Cars Do Not Always Share the Road

Bicyclists enjoy the same rights of the road as cars.  However, that is not stopping the number of injury accidents or fatalities involving bicycles and motor vehicles.  Each year, bicycle vs. motor vehicle accidents account for 2% of vehicle accident fatalities.  From 2010 to 2012, the number of fatalities of bicyclists involved in collisions with cars increased by 16%.  Six states accounted for more than half of the fatalities, with California leading the way at 338 deaths.

Bicycle Accidents

While bicyclists enjoy the freedom of the open road, there are risks to cycling.  The most common accidents that bicyclists experience result from intersection collisions with cars, unsafe road conditions or collisions with an object like a driver’s side door.  In 2014, 50,000 bicyclists were injured in accidents.

Injuries sustained in bicycle accidents can change your life or the life of a loved one.  Contact The Boccardo Law Firm for help, if you or a family member have sustained one of the following injuries:

  • Head Trauma – Head injuries can range from a concussion to a more severe brain damage and even death.  Even a mild concussion can take weeks to heal.
  • Broken Bones – A wrist fracture is the most common type of broken bone in a bicycle accident. While it may seem minor, the symptoms can include swelling and extreme pain.  Less common but life changing broken bone injuries include those that require extensive surgery, months of healing time and result in ongoing or chronic pain.
  • Back Injuries – Injuries to the back can range from bulged and ruptured discs to spinal cord injuries. In such cases, a victim could experience a lifetime of pain and suffering or even permanent paralysis.

Steps to Take if You or a Loved One is Injured

The Boccardo Law Firm understands the frustration that a cyclist feels when involved in an accident with a negligent driver.  If you are in a bike accident caused by a negligent driver or any type of bike accident, your priority is to seek immediate medical attention.  Even if you do not believe your injury is severe, symptoms may not always appear right away.  In the case of a concussion, injuries can worsen as time passes.  Thus, x-rays and CT scans are important so that a doctor can properly diagnose and treat any accident-related symptoms.

Why You Need an Attorney

Bicycle accidents can be life-changing for both the injured victim and their family.  In many cases, extensive medical attention and rehabilitation is required.  Or in the case of a wrongful death, the survivors’ family must somehow figure out a way to continue with a life without their loved one.  Because of the high cost associated with treating bicycle accident injuries, insurance companies often attempt to minimize the harm caused to the victim.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, The Boccardo Law firm will protect you and your family’s legal rights.  We will be there every step of the way preserving evidence and stopping the insurance company from delaying your claim.  Protect your rights to compensation and retain the experienced bicycle accident attorneys at The Boccardo Law Firm.

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