Big Rig Truck Accidents

Fighting for Your Legal Rights if You or a Loved One Are Injured in a Truck Accident

Accidents involving large, big-rig trucks or tractor-trailers usually end with major injuries or even wrongful death.  As a result, nearly 1 out of every 8 car accident fatalities involves a big-rig truck. Yet despite the carnage that a negligent truck driver may cause, the law only requires them to carry a minimum of $750,000 in insurance.  That figure that has remained unchanged more than 30 years. Furthermore, in many cases the insurance minimum does not even cover all of a victim’s medical expenses.

That is why it is important that you immediately retain The Boccardo Law Firm, an experienced law firm with over 80 years of success protecting the rights of truck accident injury victims.

8 Decades of Litigating Truck Accidents

Our experience in litigating truck accidents means that we have found ways to get truck injury accident victims full compensation for their injuries.  Consequently, we hold negligent parties accountable.  We investigate dangerous highway conditions that may have contributed to the accident.  And we look into the background of the trucking company to see if there is evidence of a sub-contracting relationship with another trucking company.

Our experience demonstrates a commitment to go the extra mile for our clients. We ensure that Big Rig Truck Accident injury accident victims are fully compensated.

Your Legal Rights to Full Compensation

The law in California makes it clear that injury accident victims receive full compensation from a negligent truck driver or trucking company.  Full compensation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Payment for Past and Future Medical Bills
  • Reimbursement for Property Damage
  • Past and Future Pain and Suffering
  • Rehabilitation and Therapy Costs
  • Lost Wages, Including Future Lost Earnings
  • Modifications to Living Arrangements due to Paralysis or a Spinal Cord Injury
  • Compensation for Survivors for a Wrongful Death

Level the Playing Field with an Experienced Law Firm

Given that big-rig trucks have the potential to cause major and costly injuries in an accident, their insurance carriers have law firms and investigators on call to respond to injury accidents.  As a result, investigators for the trucking firm are on the scene within hours, gathering critical evidence to use against you.

The Boccardo Law Firm will level the playing field.  Just as soon as you retain us, we will have our expert investigators working on your behalf.  It is critical to gather evidence early before it is destroyed. Time is important following an Big Rig Truck Accident and the quicker you retain us, the quicker we can begin working on your behalf.

Key Contributing Factors of Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cites that 2014 saw roughly 411,000 reported, truck accidents.  Of those accidents, 20% resulted in injury.  There were approximately 3,500 fatalities.

The most common types of Big Rig Truck Accidents are rollovers, jackknifes, rear-end collisions, under-ride collisions, T-bone collisions and lost load accidents.  A truck accident can occur anywhere and at any time, but the most common contributing factors in a truck accident are as follows:

  • Location – 61% of fatal truck accidents occur on rural roads; 26% occur on rural or urban highways.
  • Time – 56% of all truck accidents occur during evening or overnight hours, between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • Road conditions – 39% of truck accidents occur in a work zone or road construction zones.
  • Equipment Failure – 30% of truck accidents are caused by air brake malfunction or defective tires.
  • Driver negligence – 31% of truck accidents are due to driver error, either failing to recognize a situation or a decision error.

Why You Need an Attorney

Truck accidents are life-changing for both the injured victims and their family.  The Boccardo Law Firm will protect you and your family’s legal rights.  Furthermore, we will hire the best investigators.  Our team of experts will gather and preserve evidence, including site/accident investigation; driver’s log and accident history; truck GPS, black box and engine control module; truck’s age, condition and maintenance records; and state and federal compliance.

If you were in a truck accident and were injured, you should seek immediate medical attention.  Even though you may believe your injury is not severe.  In our experience working on behalf of injury accident victims, symptoms may not always appear right away.   In the case of whiplash or concussion, an injury may worsen as time passes.  Only a doctor is able to examine and diagnose any accident-related symptoms.

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