Dangerous Highway Condition Accidents

When a Dangerous Highway Condition Results in a Major Injury Accident

Placing blame for an accident resulting from a Dangerous Highway Condition is not always evident to an accident victim.  It takes an experienced attorney with years of litigating dangerous highway or roadway condition accidents to spot such a case.

Governmental agencies, like Caltrans, are in charge of our roads and highways and they have an obligation to keep them safe.  When alerted to a problem, it is their responsibility to fix the road or highway issue.  However, loopholes in the law allow governmental agencies to escape liability, even when they do not take the necessary action.

The Boccardo Law Firm holds governmental agencies accountable.  We have a track record that spans more than eight decades.  That is why if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident due to a Dangerous Highway Condition, your first call should be to The Boccardo Law Firm.

Some Examples of Dangerous Road and Highway Conditions

Bad road design, poor construction or neglecting a known problem are all causes of major-injury accidents.  Please contact our injury accident lawyers, if you believe your accident was the result of any of the following conditions:

  • Non-functioning Traffic Lights
  • No or Poorly Placed Traffic Signals
  • Dangerous Intersection
  • Construction Hazards
  • Failing to Act on Evidence of a Dangerous Road (Evidence may include a large number of injury accidents, head-on accidents, rear-end accidents, or fatalities.)
  • Poor or No Road Lighting
  • Lack of or Poorly Placed Road Signs
  • No Guardrails

These are just a few of the Dangerous Highway Conditions that can cause car accidents or truck accidents.  If you or a family member has been in a major-injury accident and suffered injuries, it can be devastating.  Some injuries include paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia from spinal cord trauma, broken bones, brain injury, burn injury or amputation.

Major-injury accidents are life changing for both the victim and their family.  The injuries sustained in an accident due to a  Dangerous Highway Conditions will impact your life both emotionally and financially.

What Makes The Boccardo Law Firm Qualified to Handle Your Case?

Governmental agencies, such as Caltrans, often state that a road is safe simply because millions of vehicles drive through the spot of an accident.  They also claim that while they have knowledge of a dangerous road, there is not enough money to fix the problem.  However, those arguments are only half true and are excuses for failing to make the roads safe.

The Boccardo Law Firm is familiar with the practices put forth by Caltrans and other roadway agencies.  For over 80 years, we have successfully won compensation for injured clients and have held governmental agencies accountable for their actions.

How will we win your case?  First, we start by hiring the best investigators and traffic engineers.   Next, we methodically build the evidence that shows your accident was the result of a Dangerous Highway Condition.  In other words, we gather historical accident information in the surrounding area of your accident, not just at the spot of it.  Our highway experts show that simple, inexpensive fixes, rather than multi-million-dollar, highway projects could have prevented your accident.

Litigation against Caltrans or governmental agencies is extremely costly and time consuming.  Our contingency fee arrangement saves both time and money.  We pay for all the expenses, upfront and only recoup our expenses when we win your case.

Call The Boccardo Law Firm for a Free Case Evaluation

A Dangerous Road Condition does not have to be the sole cause for your accident, it just needs to have contributed to it.  It is the government’s job to fix road problems that cause accidents.

Holding governmental agencies responsible will get you the compensation that you deserve.   It will also make the roads safer for future motorists.

If you have been in an accident caused by a dangerous road condition, The Boccardo Law Firm is here to help.  Call us at 408-298-5678 for a free case evaluation.